My Journey This Week


Hello, i’m so tired but i want to show you about my journey with my bicycle. So today’s morning very impressive, i love the sunlight goes down into the earth and helped us to do anything. About 6 A.M i went to Palem Semi in my city, Tangerang, Indonesia. So the plan is i  go to Palem Semi using my bicycle. What is Palem Semi?

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Review: Ace of Arenas, A New Adventure of Champions


Well, it’s a bright day for us. Not too bad to make a refreshing. But now i want to show you my awesome game. Who are you do not love game? I love game so much. Even i didn’t study for 1 day. Talk about game i very recommend you to install this great game on Google Playstore. Continue reading “Review: Ace of Arenas, A New Adventure of Champions”