About Me

Hello you guys,thank you so much to come to my blog. I love to make some contribution to the everypeople in this world. You know we are such of a social creatures. We need another people to make our life better also with you too.

In this page i’ll tell you all about my life, here. And i’ll tell you about my silly stories. Alright, my name is Ahmad Khalif Aqil Syafiq. Now i’m 13 years old. It means i was born on 3th June, 2002. Now i’m in 8th class. I wanted to be a professional blogger with my limited skills. Here it is what i love: writing, reading article, also i love to take some photos. All of my hobbies very popular in this world. And then i insert it into article in my blog.

I made my first blog for the first time on 1st December 2014. Inspired by Google’s product like Youtube and Google+. Not bad for me to make my first blog, check here (but with Indonesian language) www.writeart880.blogspot.co.id.

Terimakasih (Thank you so much!).


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