We Won It!

Hello everyone, welcome to my journey of this Friday (22/04/2016). I’m so glad to see that everything runaway with their spirit, and i love it.

So yes, i just woke up easily to pray salat, and then i went to my bedroom to check out my phone notification. I tried to be cool with this stuff, but it sucks.

I didn’t go to sleep again because i was playing my smartphone at that time. Learn something from the internet, try to notify and communicatie with all of my friends. I played games, and i was watching anime at that great morning.

About 10 AM, i was preparing to took a bath. Absolutely i love to play basketball, i tried a freestyle lay-up that maybe take me to the other level of this sport.

After that about 11 AM i went to my school with a public transportation or a van. Still, there was my fav driver when i was walking to go to a big road and almost everyday i saw him.

It’s Friday, still. And then i love to play everything in this day. Indeed, in Indonesia, almost every Friday is a bright sunny and cloudy day. Whatever, this is very great. I love hot. And because of this Friday, we as a muslim must go to pray Salatul Jum’at as a cover of 4 rakaat of Dzuhr.

I just studied. Everyday i learned something from my school because i can see anything in this school. Friendly peoples, my great bestfriend, and the funny teacher, it’s all great! You must feel that feeling too.

I forget to tell you about something, this is about food. Yeah, i love to drink a milk with oatmeal. They’re good. And forever i’d like to eat meatball and Indonesian Noodle (Indomie). They’re very very very popular in Indonesia. Also with the Energen’s milk.

And because of this day is Friday, the students in this school will go home early than the other day. But before that, i have a great news for all of my classmates.

In the 2th hours of our education time, there were two womans that came up to my class and just gave an assessment for our class. It’s simple, just for the cleanest classroom in this school. We hoped that we could won this match.

The time goes down, and all of the students in my school lined up to get the enlightenment and the best value of the cleanest classroom.

I’m very proud and very thankfully to Allah, because my classroom was selected to be the best with 2075 points. That’s it. You must know from the first that i just prayed before i was walking to go to take a public transportation.

And another great news is….

Holidays for one week! 🙂



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