Hello everybody! This is such of a hot season in rainy season in Indonesia. I don’t know it’s all because of Equinox or something like that, but, let’s check out my daily blog!

I woke up today in 6 AM and went to the bathroom. I just took a bath and wanted to make something amazing. After that i went to checked out my friend and told him to go with me.

So what’s the thing that i did on this day? So me and my friend were going to Palem Semi again to did jogging. This is great! Now, i can freely fell a good energy, a good oxygen, a good air came to my nose.

I just made 1 time round because before i forgot to eat something. And i’m so tired because of that. I forgot for my breakfast!:evil:

After that i went to play my basketball with my friends. I can’t let my breakfast runaway. So i drank some milk and sereal to set up 🙂

It such of a tired thing in life. I’m not so fast to grow in basketball. And about 45 minutes, we just went to our home again. The basketball field isn’t too far away from our home 😀


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