League of Legends – Bronze to Diamond

Are you a gamer? Or you’re such of a game lover or something like that? Which game you want to know? Here we go, i’ll show you about  League of Legends tips & tricks!

If you do know about this game, you should search on Google Search or Wikipedia. Yeah, it’s LoL or League of Legends. One of the most popular game between teenager until the adult people. If you think that you are a good gamer, you should try this ones.

And 1 thing that you must know about this game is very difficult to play. Just like me. I just tried a game with another people in PvP (Player vs Player), and i lost. Please just forget that day and go to our topic.

I sell an e-Book that will give you tips and tricks all about League of Legends. Are you interested? I’ll give what will you get with this E-Book.

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So that’s it. Gain more gold per minute will give you more powerful than another player. Also with impress your allies will give you a better damage for your team. And then die and feed less. And many more! You can make it all perfectly, even it just like a cheat. My experience in this game is so far. My nickname is AKAS_ELF. Now i’m still in Gold league, it’s even more difficult than you think, but it’s more powerful than 5 months ago (since i lost in my first PvP game).

So if you interested to get this E-book, you can go this permalink here League of Legends E-Book. It’ll give you an experience on your gaming time and don’t forget to share with your friends. This ebook is very awesome, until now i’m in Gold league, i have a lot of champions, and i’ve found new friends from my game.

Not $19, now discount to $9. Come and get it in!

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