My Journey This Week


Hello, i’m so tired but i want to show you about my journey with my bicycle. So today’s morning very impressive, i love the sunlight goes down into the earth and helped us to do anything. About 6 A.M i went to Palem Semi in my city, Tangerang, Indonesia. So the plan is i  go to Palem Semi using my bicycle. What is Palem Semi?

So Palem Semi just like residence in Tangerang city. It’s very large and very comfortable to jogging, or play badminton with your friends. Also there’s a swimming pool. There are 2 roads with different way. 1 way will bring you to Jakarta via toll. And 1 way again to take you to my home. Alright, i will give you my experience here.

The sunlight is very awesome. There’s a lot of people jogging in this morning. I went to Palem with difficult challange. The road like up and down. Make my energy came down. Oh Lord, it’s very difficult to the 13 years old boy who wanted to update his blog with his smartphone camera. There are many cyclists scull their cycle with perfect item. How about me? I didn’t use any item like helmet, jacket, or glasses. And at Palem Semi i see this large crane.


These crane very large even my phone can’t took all of his silly body. And you can see the sunlight beside him. I told you before that the sunlight very shiny even i can’t look at him. Now, Tangerang city is in period of development. This situation will make Tangerang full of buildings. As you can see in that photo a crane and a building. If you do not believe in me you can go to Tangerang and see by yourself. There are many buildings here. After that, i went to Cikokol. It just like the center of Tangerang. More awesome than the area at Palem Semi. Apartements, super big malls, also with food restaurants, and store. Wooa, it just like a dream for me. But unfortunately, i do not have enough money to buy something delicious😤

There is a fly over that connect between Cikokol and Perum. This fly over will make you very excited, why? Because you can see many buildings here! Also with much transportation pass in this road everyday. Here it is the result.


Nah that in the front side. If you go back to the other side. You’ll see super big mall called Tangerang City Mall. Also in front of Tangerang City Mall, there is a Metropolis Square. It’s a mall too, but with smaller capacity. Also beside the TC Mall there’s a Sudirman One. I don’t know what it is because the building in the process.


After went to Cikokol i was going to my home. My home about 3 km away from Cikokol. It’s easy with a car, only 25 minutes. I forget to tell you. My school is near in this area too, 16 Junior High School. Thank you so much for your time.

Good luck!


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