Review: Ace of Arenas, A New Adventure of Champions


Well, it’s a bright day for us. Not too bad to make a refreshing. But now i want to show you my awesome game. Who are you do not love game? I love game so much. Even i didn’t study for 1 day. Talk about game i very recommend you to install this great game on Google Playstore.

Good idea to play a game in this hot season. Fire in the hole! Watch your step or you’ll die! Did you know DoTA? A perfect game with awesome champion. There are many players in that game and you must beat them with your team. Technology always growing up every time. Smartphone, computer, tablet, also with smartwatch. They’re such of a great technology for now.

I’m very proud this game went into my silly life. They make me very awesome and make my passion increased. This game called Ace of Arenas. Available on Google Playstore for Android devices. I love to play many games in this world. It same just like MMORPG, but more awesome. It same just like LoL (League of Legend), but now with smaller capacity available in smartphone. Just like DoTA2, but more impressive than you think.

This game installed over 1 million people with free. There are many champions here in this game. With more competitive also only 80MB sizes make this game unbelieveable! You can play like any other game in Android device. Just turn on the guide steps and you’ll be the pro. Last morning i’m very shocked because this game updated for the first time i play. And including new features with 5 players vs 5 players, 5 player vs 5 bots, (us) and 4 botd vs 5 bots, new map, also with new champions. Go login and you’ll get 1000 gems. I don’t understand how this happened but it’s not fake!






Good luck!


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