Shiny World & Hello!

On this day i want to make my first article & my journal for the first time with WordPress. This awesome platform make me feel excited and want to make everything more than awesome. So this day will be great if i tell you my profile.

So here it is. My name is Ahmad Khalif Aqil Syafiq, remember it. Now i’m in Eighth class. I always go to my 16 Junior High School in Tangerang City, Indonesia. I forget to tell you about my birthday. So i was born in Tangerang, at Annisa Hospital on June 3th 2002. Because of that i’m 13 years old right now. Good to make this world better, but something difficult come to me. My primary problem is i can’t speak English so well. And that will make you very confused to understand my article, also with my silly words. I’m so sorry for that problem.

This is the first day i use English for my article. Because i never use another language except Indonesian language. Some people confused about me. Why i always use point in the end of the word? They are such of a silly guy. They don’t understand all about journalistic world. Oh! I forget to tell you about my hobby. So now i love to play everything especially games. I love games. Who are you that do not love games? You’re such of a freaky man, lol. I love MMORPG, Adventure, Action, and something like that. I usually play games in my laptop and my smartphone. Also i love to take a photography, sometimes selfie. It’s all about togetherness. I have many friends in my life. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and another social media always make me feel awesome to do it all again, and again.

What i hate? Trees. I meant the people who cut the trees. In Indonesia there are many area/islands that planted some kind of trees. But now they’re had burned. So the fire burn trees until now. And the haze come flying to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and maybe Indochina, i don’t know about it. This world gonna be so cruel to the people like us. They who only wanted life for money are idiot.

So i think this article just all about for my introduction profile, and about what i hate. Maybe tomorrow i’ll post some article about Indonesian news. Thank you so much to the people who want to see this silly website.


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