Okay, right now I can’t handle my feeling. Totally screwed up and I don’t know how to manage it pretty well. Man, this is so frustrating! I made 3 scene in Unity about quiz game and I need to finish it for around 3 days and it’s all just like broken down because there’s a button that cannot work well. And from that matter is like you have to delete all your data. DANGGGGG!!!!


IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME AND VERY VERY LONG TIME NO SEE, MY BLOG!!!! Okay, I will explain that I got a big great fabulous news for me and for all my social networks.

On 12th March before, I was doing my exam and there was my English teacher that came to me and told me that I’ll go to America for student exchange. Even though that it was a clearly sunny day and like the other normal days for most people, still, it was great for me! But, of course I need to pass the selection section.

I felt happy at that time and I can’t figure out what inside my heart. Overall, that day was a big movement for my education career. My teacher told me that I need to go to another English teacher to submit my biodata to submit it again to ministry of SMK Developing. (SMK is similar to Vocational High School).

After that, I went to Language Room to be selected. There were many people including 9 students (candidates), headmaster, and three English teachers. Before go to the selection section, they told us that it wasn’t student exchange. They told us that it was world contest in IT.

They asked me a lot of questions especially my experiences in IT. So I told them that I was a blogger before and I learned a little bit of HTML programming language and I can understand it pretty well.

Short story, I was selected with my another partner because he was learning about programing language too before (but he was in Bitcoin or something, I don’t know). Then, all of the teachers said that we will go to Hawaii in 24th June.

Right now, I’m still trying to make an app that will going to be used as an educational tool for all the Android users. The contest called as 8th e-ICON World Contest.



Cara Meringkas Paragraf dari Sebuah Teks

Dalam hal ini kita akan menyajikan pengetahuan perihal pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia adalah pelajaran yang sangat penting bagi para author atau pengarang blog. Meringkas adalah memotong beberapa kalimat dalam suatu paragraf pada sebuah teks. Meringkas ini adalah suatu hal yang sangat diperlukan untuk mengolah daya pikir, daya ingat, dan juga efektifitas dalam membaca cepat. Biasanya teknik membaca cepat dilakukan dengan membaca awalan dari sebuah paragraf atau mengambil inti sari dari sebuah paragraf itu saja.

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